Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To Love Me...

Turks & Caicos

Clear Blue Tranquility - My Island - Pure Fun

After traveling to many...actually most of the Caribbean Islands, I have to say hands down this was my favorite.  Was it an island and was it to be what I expected like all the others... the short answer is NO.  This magical island so full of life had so much more to offer than I had ever expected.  

After many months of going back and forth on Trip Advisor trying to decide where to stay we finally decided on Seven Stars.  I think I stalked the web daily watching prices fluctuate...  I finally booked on Orbitz due to the ability to cancel up to 3 weeks prior to arrival.  I used this free cancel option once and ended up very impressed with SEVEN STARS RESORT.  This moderately priced (moderate for the island - which is high by most standards) hotel was a perfect selection on Grace Bay Beach.  And we may have been drawn to the free breakfast.  Two thumbs up for Seven Stars!

At Seven Stars Beach Bar

Crystal Clear!
Wow - the water - clarity and color are no joke.  I think this was the most beautiful water I have ever ever ever!  It was sometimes hard to tell the sky from the water...and not to mention the sand was like butter...silky and smooth!  Oh yeah there's no need for water shoes here... you can walk out for yards still feeling the sand between your toes -not to mention seeing your toes too!  

A True Island Experience!
Anyone that knows me knows that I am always up for an adventure...I mean I like to go an really experience everything a place has to offer.  I say you haven't truly traveled to a place unless you have a true experience!  I don't do touristy stuff...But I do love an adventure. 
Island Dancers & Musicians
I had read about a FISH FRY that the island (Provo) has every Thursday night from we ventured out for a night of shenanigans. 
Known as a culinary explosion, this must do takes getting to know the island to a whole-other-level! 
I Heart Rum Punch and the Macarena...
I can't say we took part in the eating but we sure did get down and drink some Rum Punch!   We met two sisters from Minnesota that night and danced the night way.  Ummm yo Elizabeth and sister girls ROCK!  Yet another amaze balls part of traveling - MEETING NEW FRIENDS!

What Did You Say - A Conch Fest?
Once a year Provo locals, hotels and chefs get together for the Conch Festival... Its kinda like Forrest Gump and his shrimp... there was conch prepared every which way you could imagine.  I think I ate conch 15 different ways.  The top hotels and restaurants participate for the win.  
(and what better thing to do when it pours down rain)

Oh and did I forget to mention there was a MAJITO competition?  Troy and I were selected as judges.... maybe we looked like tourist or something.  
Well anyway - I say WIN WIN!  SLURP SLURP! 

No Provo visit is complete without some Potcake Love....  
Potcakes are the dogs of the island... some strays and some owned these doggies capture the hearts of many visitors.  You can even adopt one for the time you are here or even take one home with you permanently.  I met this lil' booger at Sharkbite Bar and Grill - I HIGHLY recommend!  Pop on over this bar and grill for some grub and drinks...located on the marina.  Back to the pup... to learn more about adoption: 

A Token Snorkel Trip...
But anything but ordinary...
This was an amazing morning - yes it may have rained throughout most of the snorkel but nothing could take away from the beauty. When you go...not if you go - This is a MUST DO!  Island Vibes was our tour company that we booked on site at our hotel.  The guys took great care of us...providing great celeb stories and fresh conch.  

Please do me a favor and add this spectacular island to your bucket/pin your map list.  

"Please be a traveler, not a tourist.  Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what is right in front of you.  Those are the keys to understanding the amazing world we live in." 
- Andrew Zimmern