Monday, April 4, 2011

For the Love...Stick a PIN in IT!

Its probably bad that I think of travel more than anything else during the day.  After a brief self diagnosis I have figured it out.....I'm a functioning travelaholic!!  I manage to work and live daily but I thirst for travel.  I did leave my job and life as I know it on land to live on a cruise ship!! **Another blog for another day.**  I am creating this blog (aka addiction) as my creative outlet thus giving me a reason to think, write and explore all avenues of travel.  I will write and share about the places I have been and the adventures I recommend hoping you will join me on this life journey. 
So stow your tray tables and put your seats in their upright position - It's time for takeoff!

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~ St. Augustine


  1. Not only do you know how to plan a vacation, but you are by far one of the BEST travel buddies! I'm so glad you started this blog!!! I can just plan my vacations after you do all the research and check out all the hot spots! :) LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU!!! Now off to buy my map, pins and pray for more vacation time! hahaha!

  2. Looks great!!! Love the intro post. I can't wait to follow your travels and adventures!