Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia - The Pearl of the Adriatic

A day can easily be spent roaming on and inside the old town walls.  History abounds as you step back in time.  Start your morning off by buying a ticket and talking the long stroll around the old town walls which were constructed in the 10th century (fortified considerably in 1453).  A full walk around the city on the walls is 3.5 miles - It was the best way to start our day and get our bearings in Dubrovnik!

Rent a self guided tour contraption where you buy your tickets for a full history report of what you are seeing as you walk the walls.
The old town is a fully working and functional town.  It was so neat seeing the ladies hanging out their laundry on the lines, gardening and going about their daily lives in the midst of touristville!  After our journey around the city we did what we do best...found a cafe on the stone streets and shared a drink.
I will say the best place to catch the view and have a beer and glass of vino is BUZA!!  This place is hidden in the walls of the city but when you walk out to the cliff you find this amazing place! 
Grab a table on the cliff and enjoy the day!  We actually tried to find this place when we walked around the city but never could find it.  It wasn't till we took a boat ride around the harbor that we saw it!  Worth the adventure of finding it...well besides the interesting bathrooms... cliff side! 
My Wine at BUZA!  Yum... well hey walking the city earn it! 
Enjoy Dubrovnik if you ever have the opportunity to explore this gem!

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